Develop a Blog Using Wordpress

The simplest way to Develop a Blog Using WordPress

Are you hunting for a step-by-step plan showing you the simple method to set up a blog using Word Press? Then, you are on the right page. I’ll give you a complete plan from beginning to end.
Setting Up Your Blog

1) Register for a website hosting account.
2) Buy a site name with your main word and look for .com, .net, and .org in this preference order.
3) Go and sign in to your hosting account Control Panel also known as cPanel.
4) Find Simple Scripts and click it.
5) Install Word Press. Most hosting services have the necessary info regarding what you must do if there is anything more than just a single click to install.
6) Login to your website from your cPanel or goes directly to the site.

Develop a Blog Using WordPress

Adding The Content

1) Click Pages and then Add New. Do not check Allow Comments, add the page and then click Publish.
2) Click Posts and then Add New. Don’t check Allow Comments, add your post and click Publish.
3) Go to Settings and select “General”. Make the necessary changes for “Site Title” and Tagline.

Adding a Picture

1) In the page modifying area, go to where you wish to add the picture, click the Upload / Insert button.
2) Next, choose the file. Open and upload it. You can then click the picture and edit its settings if you need to.
Creating a Link
1) Decide on the text that you would like to insert a link in.
2) Then push the chain icon on the revising bar.

Modifying Your Header

1) Go to Header under Appearance.
2) Read on your computer for the picture you want to add and upload it.

Activating Another Theme (Not required)

1) Click Themes under Appearance.
2) Go to Install Themes and click on it. Select a new theme from Featured or search a particular theme by name.
3) Then click Install and Activate.

Submitting Your Website to the Big Search Engines

1) Check to see if you have Search Engines Blocked warning next to your web site name at the very top of your Dashboard.
2) You just need to click on it.

Installing Plug-ins

1) Go to Plug-Ins on the control panel.
2) Then, choose Add New.
3) Enter the name of the plugin, search and then install it. Finally, activate it.
4) There are several plug-ins you can use and each has a different purpose. You can search for the most used or the most vital Word Press plug-in to have additional info on which plug in to use.

As you can see, you can create a blog in 8 easy steps by utilizing WordPress. On the other hand, depending on your objective for blogging, you are able to add a lot more advanced steps in your process.

As an example, if you are blogging to earn income from ad sense or affiliate marketing, you have to know how to make a blog that is keyword and search website optimized and has a monetized structure.

Therefore, it’s better to figure out your expectancies from your blog before making it to arrange the required steps you need to go through.