Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris will now surround Trump on Corona, will answer every single charge

There has been a stir for the presidential election in America. The convention of the Republican Party continues and during this time President Kamala Harris was targeted by Donald Trump. Kamala Harris, who became the Vice Presidential candidate from the Democrats, will now retaliate on the trump. She will give an address on Thursday, in which she will answer all the allegations of Trump.

According to the Joe Biden campaign team, Kamala Harris will focus on the Trump administration failure in the Corona crisis. It will also be told how Joe Biden and his pair will change this policy after coming to power.

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Kamala Harris

Let me tell you that Kamla Harris’s speech will come only during the official address of Donald Trump at the Republican Convention. Before this address Harris alleged that thousands of people have lost their lives in America due to Donald Trump’s failure, now it cannot be endured anymore.

Significantly, since Kamla Harris has become a candidate for Democrats, Donald Trump has been targeting him ever since. It was alleged on behalf of Trump that if Joe Biden becomes president, then the country will be dominated by China and also Kamala Harris will be the real boss of Joe Biden.

Ever since the name of Kamala Harris has been announced, Biden’s campaign has gained momentum. He has received a large number of donations along with support. Significantly, there are a large number of American-American voters in America, in such a situation, Kamala Harris is being called a trump card in this election.