Strangest Wedding Ceremony Traditions In Asia

Strangest Wedding Ceremony Traditions In Asia

Marriage is a sacred rite for couples who will lead a brand new existence. no longer once in a while, because of the sacredness of the marriage ceremony, many human beings want to hold it best as soon as in their existence.

In Indonesia, the marriage ceremony is usually completed following the respective customs of the bride and groom. but, in fashionable, wedding traditions that are nonetheless frequently finished are throwing flora and reducing wedding ceremony cakes.

However, a few weddings in Asia do no longer simply follow the same old subculture. right here are some of the strangest wedding ceremony traditions in Asia.

Strangest Wedding Ceremony Traditions In Asia


As a country that has thick mystical beliefs, there’s a completely unique wedding ceremony from India that must follow the Kumbh Vivah ceremony.

For those of you who are unusual with the name of this rite. Kumbh Vivah is a rite that calls for a lady to marry a banana tree, earlier than the actual marriage.

For the cause this rite is accomplished, due to the fact it’s far believed to interrupt the curse for girls born beneath the sin mangal.
this is an astrological combination this is considered unfortunate in Indian ideals.

So a sort of repulsion. One example of humans who’ve undergone this Kumbh Viva is Bollywood actress and miss world 1994 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, earlier than her primary marriage with Abhishek Bachchan.

South Korea

The second one precise wedding ceremony culture comes from South Korea. another peculiar subculture is for the groom in South Korea. After the wedding reception changed into over, the groom’s pals might tie his ft and hit the soles of his ft difficult.

The origin of this subculture is unknown, however it’s far believed that with the aid of doing login sbobet so the groom will feel greater resilient all through his first night time.


Seeing tears throughout a marriage procession is a commonplace element, emotional outbursts of joy and disappointment are blended inside the feelings of the bride and groom, and also their households are continually the principle motive of wedding tears.

But crying at the wedding grew to become out to be a condition in their custom named Zuo Tang. In this traditional ritual the bride is required to cry for an hour every day for a month earlier than the marriage takes vicinity.

Even in the technique, not only the lady will cry, but also all circle of relatives members may even cry in the very last method of Zuo Tang. Well, consistent with their belief, with this long cry then the wedding later, there’ll only be fun, due to the fact the female’s tears have run out.